GETTING THE BALANCE RIGHT? Applying legislation when seeking a balance between energy transition and conservation of cultural heritage and values


This project deals with how the legal system balances the goals of sustainable energy use and historic preservation. Laws are applied and interpreted at three levels: within the court system, in administrative decisions, and in small and big decisions in planning, projection and implementation of renovations. The aim of this project is to explore how existing legislation manages to balance the goals of sustainable energy consumption on the one hand and conservation of cultural heritage values on the other hand. The project is conducted in collaboration with a doctoral student from Department of Art History at UU. The project is part of the new Graduate School in Sustainability Studies at Campus Gotland.



Cultural heritage, historic buildings, renewable energy, conservation

Cooperating institutions

Department of Art History, Uppsala University

Associated researchers

Britt-Inger Johansson and Charlotte Mårland


Bhati, Harsh Vardhan